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You know it’s quite amazing, when you really grind your way to very skin of it all, to really understand who we are as a people these days. It’s amazing to come to the realization that we are a species of infinite potential who barely managed to see the tip of the iceberg and have yet to see what lingers below. It’s amazing to envision what we could be capable of if we tried. It’s all just amazing. I tend to stumble on to these moments of awe in all the things we have overcome. Thinking of not just me, my parents, my great, great grandparents or even any ancestors whose names I couldn’t pronounce. Instead, I think of us as the kings of evolution.

I think of our earliest forms of life. Starting out as mere bottom feeders, we began to change and modify. We grew as a collective. We evolved as creatures. We began to hunt those that hunted us. We began to fight and strive just to see another sunrise. We faced a constant flow of immediate threat and fatal danger from the time we were born to the very last breathe we took. And we learned that the greatest way we survived was together. We began to communicate out of necessity for survival. We learned to think and talk with our fellow creatures. We learned to want and create. Very shortly after, we pulled out a Hail Mary into the evolution of our superiority above all other creatures.

With fire and stone, we forged weapons of strength and tools. We encountered beliefs and discovered sciences. We crafted homes out of anything we could find. We were resourceful. We donned fabrics and lived off the land. We created justices and laws, and even provided codes to live by. We worshiped. We erected monuments. We raised pyramids from clay and rock. We moved fucking mountains. We rebirthed old ideals. We played with our capabilities. We invented great wonderful things.

We advanced out travel. We’ve toppled cities. We conquered civilizations. We devoured entire lands simply because we could. We tested things out just to see what our own abilities were. We developed our minds to handle complex equations and philosophize. We pushed our bodies to limits to determine our strength. We proved ourselves to be ruthless adversaries. We found the greatest peaks of physical aesthetics. The limits of what we could see and how far we could see were infinite. We looked at the stars at night and our hearts exploded with this obligation to touch the sky.

We painted, danced, sang and wrote. We dreamed up these inspiring legends. We freed people from cages and chains. We overthrew great and terrible men. We regularly revolutionized our entire meaning of existence with every new generation. Humans are infinite lights in a dark and cold universe; Each and every one of us, born with a fire raging inside them allowing them to glow magnificently.

It warms my heart so much to ponder all of the wonderful good that humans are able to accomplish.

And this is what I love about human beings.
It's a lot like being that empty vase in the back of the store that everyone wishes was just... prettier...

And no matter what it does, or how the light hits it... or how many times you shine it up...

It's still just en empty vase...
Beginning in bright pinks
In clairvoyant and celestial light
To warm your face to light your dark and dreary days
To bring forth the promise
To end your stumbles
As in such pinks as rosy cheeks.
Such pinks as the smile enclosed across sacred, aged lands
Such is pink as pink is to fade away
Pink fades to purple
And in its weakness give way to temptation of blues.
A cool refreshment
A healing jovial blend
In bounding stretches of the human imagination
Yet in the end is failed to reach
Then comes the peaks of orange and red
Swallowing the world in rages of  fire and destruction
Eating the ground in orange tinted massacre
Or perhaps this raging war is protecting, not destroying
As in the end it embraces the world in the quiet coat of blackened wool
After flares come still sleepers in its wake
And as he ember die they burst into cascades of ice and fire
Each beautiful break shattering into diamonds
Until the flecks of dust blow away in the wind
And, in its majesty, die
  • Listening to: Adam Lambert
  • Watching: Korra
  • Playing: POTTERMORE
So, :iconbloodlover1: is currently doing free commissions and has a limit of two per person. He's doing this to gain a bit more popularity, and quite honestly I'm surprised he doesn't have more popularity already because he is VERY skilled. He's got an excellent understanding of anatomy, His shading is realistic. And his eye for color is impressive.

Anyway. I put in a request and after seeing the AMAZING job he did, I asked for another.

Currently, the only stipulation for the free commissions is that you spread his name, and I told him, I was more than happy to help.
So, here I am, whoring out his name for him.

Here is the amazing work he did. I asked him to draw Zack. Gave him a few references and he recreated his image quite well into these two pictures. One just a lineart the other a digital color.

Request art: Zack (Digital) by bloodlover1 Request art: Zack (traditional) by bloodlover1



Not meant for human consumption

To keep it simple. Art is my hobby, not my profession. But, I love it very much. :)

I did take art class throughout highschool
However, the most advice my teacher gave me was "Get your grade up."
So, she never helped me.... at all.
She had a habit of not helping people who's work she didn't like.

ANYWAY!!!! So, for the most part. I am self tought. I'm NOT new to DA. However, after a two year hiatus, my style had changed and I felt as though my previous account.... Bogged down my potential.

So, here I am! PLEASE WATCH. ; A ;

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Hurricaneclaw Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here's my critique :D

The lineart in this picture is pretty messy and scribbly. You could make it much better just by using smooth lines. The background seems to have no effort put into it. It doesn't take much effort to put some more detail. The drawing itself is nice, though :3

The anatomy is really off. Huge heads and eyes, and tiny waists. You're drawing people all the same, like they're some sort of generic bratz doll or something.

Messy picture is messy. There's that icky layer around the lineart that you could easily evade by using layers. Don't have a digital art program with layers? Get GIMP. It's free, and as good as Photoshop. ;)

Again, messy lineart. The hair looks rigid, like it's a plastic cap.
Also, that bullet wouldn't travel with a solid red line trailing behind it. Blood would be streaming out into the air. It wouldn't already be caked to his shirt. Also, why is he sleeping? If I got shot, I wouldn't have a calm expression, that's for sure.

This drawing is good in general, but the colouring is pretty messy. Also, it's boring. Add a background, and it'll look way better.

CrimsonMimix Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012
I wish I had done that dragon in photoshop. I didn't though. I did it on RMD's drawchat, and it's all one layer. X.x;

Anyway. Thank you so much for all the help! My biggest issue, I see, is that I'm too lazy and it ends up making everything look messy. I mean, I've always known that, but now that I see how others receive that, I can improve on it.

Again. Thank you so much! :D
Hurricaneclaw Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problemo! :lol:
I love critiquing. Although now that I look back, hanging out at the forums has made me pretty snarky... D: Sorry if I sounded mean :3
CrimsonMimix Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012
I didn't think it was mean. You presented your critique honestly, while maintaining a polite tone. Besides, I asked for critiques.
Thanks again. :)
(1 Reply)
Shazuna507 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012
Can't wait to see how your art progresses :D
CrimsonMimix Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012
Thank's! It'll especially help that I'm going to be taking a drawing class in fall. <3
Shazuna507 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012
:P Would almost say people normally don't need art class. xD Like with my art for example, but then again, it beats having to google everything. >.<
CrimsonMimix Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012
Well, I took an art class in high school and my teacher's only good advice was "Get better grades".
She never helped me with anatomy or tips or shading at ALL.
I loved the class itself, but like I said. Teacher was USELESS.

So, in spite of my high school class, I consider my self Self-Taught. Which is fine, but I want to improve, ya know.

I'm hoping a college teacher will actually give me real advice.

Anyway, rambling. xDD
(1 Reply)
Britt315 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Hobbyist
Thanks very much for the watch!
CrimsonMimix Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012
You're very welcome. I love your style, and I was impressed just by opening the gallery. I didn't even click on a piece. XD

Keep up the great work. <3
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